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Helpful resources

Below are several links to websites that may assist you with information and resources relevant to your situation.  Each case will fall under different legislation or statutory authority, please check which applies to you before searching.

Click the headings to visit these sites

  • Victorian WorkCover

    The WorkSafe Victoria website contains advice on understanding the workers’ compensation scheme, help concerning return to work programs and information on Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety laws. Visit the WorkSafe Victoria website for further information on the rights and responsibilities of injured workers covered by the Victorian legislation. Also covered on the WorkSafe Victoria website is information on the role of Independent Medical Examiners. Look for the “Healthcare Providers” tab and then “Independent Medical Examiners” link.

  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

    Discover more about the TAC, a Victorian Government organisation established to promote road safety and pay for treatment and benefits of people injured in transport accidents.

  • NSW WorkCover

    The WorkCover NSW website features information on returning to work, achieving safe workplaces and security for injured workers in New South Wales.

  • Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA)

    The MAA operates an independent assessment and resolution service, and provides information for stakeholders and service providers. Click here to learn more about the MAA as well as the NSW Compulsory Third Party Scheme and its participants.

  • Tasmanian WorkCover

    Find information about safety and prevention, accreditation of medical practitioners, licensing of insurers, promotion of special events such as Safe Work Tasmania Week, and how to establish whether an employer is insured.